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MH and me

The last few months have certainly brought a lot to light for me. I’ve witnessed my strength and my weakness, my fragility as a human being and the insane twists and often unpredictable turns of the human mind.

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Why we all need to keep talking about mental health

Growing up, I genuinely thought I was a freak (don’t we all?) because I was very different from all of my friends. I know we all go through feelings of uncertainty, feeling like we don’t quite belong, but this wasn’t a case of growing pains or mistaken identity. Unknown to both myself and my family for years, I was suffering with bouts of severe anxiety. Unfortunately for me it was always mislabelled as home sickness or even being overly dramatic, but I knew that something was seriously wrong with me.

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A spark of inspiration

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve even had a slight inclination to write anything online. A tough few months in more ways than one, writing has been, quite frankly, the last thing on my mind - choosing instead to focus on keeping myself sane and, at times, alive.

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